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3003, 2017

The Spirit of Money – The Power of Visualization

“Spirit of Money” Vlog #4:
Welcome to the 4th blog in our series of “Spirit of Money”. So what have we discussed so far?
Well in our first video we spoke about the fact that success was 80% psychology and 20% mechanics that you do need the mechanics but truly you have to have the right psychology for success because you can have the best products in the world but if you don’t have the right mindset you are not going to create an abundance of money.
We spoke about the importance of getting rid of our scarcity beliefs and creating prosperity beliefs and then last week I gave you three powerful affirmations which I trust you have been using every single day, doing it once is pointless but that you have been saying your affirmations.
“I am tremendously successful”, “I am financially independent and earn at least “x” amount a month and “the greater my success the greater my ability to help others”
Just those three affirmations every single day will start making a huge impact on your life.
Today we are going to speak about the power of visualisation. Now what is visualisation? Easy peasy, japaneesy lemon squeezy………Visualisation is taking some time out, 5 minutes even if it is just 5 minutes a day remember that 5 minutes a day can radically change your life. Doing a visualisation once a week is pointless. The key to success is repetition, so if you can give yourself 5, ideally 10 minutes a day, JOhn Kehoe’s visualisation cd on “Creating an abundance of Money”is a 12 minute affirmation and a 12 minute visualisation. What I used to do is listen to the affirmation while driving in the car and listen to the visualisation at night. To be completely honest with you, I even did the visualisation after the affirmation in the car, I always say to people don’t do the visualisation while you driving because, John is going to say “just close your eyes and begin to relax, just let go and relax”, which is not a good idea while you driving, however the truth be told I used to listen to the affirmation side and because the visualisation played over, i listened to it, obviously I didn’t close my eyes while I was driving but I found that just listening to the visualisation oiled my subconscious mind and started feeding my mind with the images of what success would look like for me.
So what is visualisation? Visualisation is going inside, closing your eyes and creating the mental pictures of what it is that you would like to see happening to you.. So if you want to be a confident person, you close your eyes and visualise yourself being a confident person. Right not I am closing my eyes and I am visualising myself speaking on a stage to an audience of 10 000 people and I can literally see the people in front of me right now. Now I have had some of my Mind Power Graduates say that they can’t seem to see anything. There is another technique that we teach in Mind Power which is called seeding and seeding is focusing on creating the feeling. So if you can’t see the images, what would it feel like to be in front of 10 000 people? What would it feel like to be financially successful?
So in visualisation my invitation is to take some time to close your eyes go inside and visualise whatever it is that you want, and I want to share with you a visualisation that I was given by…..hhhmmm I forget the speaker’s name. I always like to give credit where credit is due….South African speaker….I forget his name but he came and did a talk once at a Mind Power follow up session when I was still a Mind Power student and he said “here is a visualisation I recommend you do every single night” and I did do it. Just try it tonight.
Visualise a river flowing a huge river like the Nile or the Zambesi or the Mississipi any big river but not just a stream but a big river that is like hundreds of metres wide and visualise this river flowing for km and miles and miles and miles but it is not a river of water it is a river of money. Visualise a river of money flowing….now just see if you can close your eyes and visualise $100 bills, 20 pound notes, 50 Australian dollars, I can see them in my head, I can see a 100 dollar New Zealand dollar bill, I can see pounds, I can see R200 rands, visualise a river of money and just visualise this river flowing and it is flowing down to the ocean and it is meandering and there is this huge river of money flowing and as it goes over a waterfall you see the money flipping and starting to fall over and see all this money flowing over and here is the best part…… this money is coming down over the waterfall you are standing at the bottom of it, you have your hands open and this money is flowing into you and through you and you are conduit for this abundance of money. Now a lot of people are like let’s not let it flow out. MOney is about flow my friends trust that the river up there, there is so much more where that has come from. Don’t block the flow, let the flow move, allow the money to flow through you so that when you spend your money, spend it with love. Sometimes if find that when people have to pay for something they pay with such a bad heart……like “how much?”…..$150 for this”? (angry) You still have to pay……$150 “thank you so much, I really appreciate it”. (happy) The energy with which you give the money depends on how you receive it.
So again, visualise this river of money flowing into you and through you and see it making a difference in the world and empowering the people around and that money is flowing to you and will always flow to you in oceans of abundance.
So do that visualisation, how long did we do that for? 2mintues, it’s not a long time. Just maybe before you go to bed at night visualise yourself lying i bed and this river of money is flowing into you and then visualise as in the cd “Creating an abundance of Money”, JOhn asks you to visualise the lifestyle you are going to live, visualise the home you are going to be able to buy, visualise the car you will drive in. I can see the one I want to drive in, it’s the one they lent me. Oh it is so sexy. I visualise myself driving that car, I visualise myself flying business class, I visualise myself flying in my own lear jet. Now remember that the subconscious mind can not tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Now the conscious mind knows that you are just doing an exercise but the subconscious mind can not tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined so what you want to do is do this visualisation that I have shared with you. Even if you just do the river of money, do it 5 times a week. Just before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning, ideally ….wich ever one works best for you but just do it for 2-3 minutes a day visualise and visualise yourself being financially successful
and see your family and friends benefiting from your financial success. You are tremendously successful and money is flowing to you and will always flow to you in abundance. You enjoy and deserve abundance. Lose yourself in that feeling of abundance.
So that is what I want to share with you today is use the power of visualisation. Now me talking about it, this I have just given you knowledge, go and actually apply it and you will see the results. Thank you for tuning in. I look forward to being with you next week in our new series of the Spirit of money.
As always go well and Don’t forget to be awesome!

2303, 2017

The Spirit of Money – Power of Affirmations

Welcome back to the 3rd vlog in our series on the “Spirit of Money”
Today we are going to be speaking about one of my favorite favorite topics; and if you are a Mind Power Graduate you will know how I love, the power of affirmations. Affirmations are extremely powerful.

For those of you who do not know….what is an affirmation? An affirmation is a short, rhythmic, positive statement and each one of those is important. Its got to be short, it’s got be rhythmic and it has to be a positive statement. (more…)

1603, 2017

The Spirit of Money Part 2

Hi there welcome back to our second part of our new series on the “Spirit of Money”

Last week we spoke about a few things, just a quick recap we said that wealth creation was 80% phycology and 20% mechanics

And then of course you need the right mechanics and I used a silly little acronym:  FOWTW; GAGI and GITT

What was:



Out what they





Get it







We also then spoke about some common scarcity beliefs and the last thing I asked you to do at the end of the blog series last week was to identify three negative belief systems that you might have about money which could be hindering you from producing financial success and abundance in your life.

This week we are going to be speaking about prosperity beliefs and actually making sure that we are working in this rich fertile garden of the human mind and consciously creating prosperity belief system and today we are going focus on 4 prosperity belief systems that I would like to encourage you to experience.

The first one:

It is an abundant universe.  On John Kehoe’s cd which you will hear me refer to many times on wealth creation, John Kehoe has a affirmation visualisation cd which is called Creating an Abundance of Money, and without a doubt this one of my favorite products of John it is unbelievable and it has a 12min affirmation side and a12min visualisation side.  The visualisation side is extremely potent.

I have listened to it so many times I could probably repeat it for you word for word but it will take 12min but the beginning is what I would like to refer to right now.  It starts out after he has got you to relax and chill and be in a place that you can take in the information and create visual images of what he says.

We sill cover it later in the series but he starts with saying the following words:  “Abundance is the law of the Universe, abundance is the law of the universe, look at the abundance that exists in nature, stop and count the blades of grass upon the lawn you can not try and count the stars in the sky, you can not, the trees in the forest, the fish in the ocean, the grains of sand on the beach, you can not”.


“They are all without number all countless staggering amounts, and just as you can not perceive the abundance there is in nature you can not conceive the abundance of money in the market place”

There is so much money thousands of millions of dollars exchange hands in the global market place.  You can tap into it…I love that part.

You can tap into it..tap..tap!!

So there are a few different versions. Something called the limited pie version which means that there is not enough money to go around and all of us need to share this limited pie in order to get our piece and make sure we get fed or the other model is that it is an abundant universe and that actually the more that you give into the market place the more there is to share.  I like that model, that it is an unlimited resources, it is not limited.


It is an abundant universe, I remember as I used to listen to this cd, I remember once when I was living in Cape Town I was driving on the highway.  Cape Tonians will know the M3 going past the university of CT and as I was listening to this “abundance is the law of the universe”

I was thinking just look at all the money flowing into CT and sitting in traffic the millions of millions of rand all flowing into the city and when you are driving out just count the valued of the cars.  Sometimes you see one car go past, and you like R500 000.00 or sometimes like R1,5million.  I just had a car lent to me which cost R1.5million and I was like I could buy three houses but I loved it, but here’s my point it is an abundant universe some of you might be saying but Robin how can you say that?  Have you seen the poverty in the world have you seen the poverty in Myanmar?  Have you seen the poverty in Ethiopia and China and right here in Soweto there is an abundance of poverty to, it is an abundant universe, there is an abundance of good people and an abundance of bad people.  There is an abundance of poverty and abundance of wealth.


Which one do you want to tap into?  My encouragement is to tap into the wealth consciousness because we need successful people to help us deal with the poverty side.

So the first prosperity belief, is that it is abundant universe.

The second prosperity belief that I would like to encourage you to accept and drink in, is that money is GOOD!

Money is good, now as I am saying that it might already bring out a reaction out of you because you have the belief system that money is the root of all evil, but I do not think that is true at all.

You know the Costa Rican government at one point wanted to sell their forest they had a beautiful forest and they were going to sell it off to loggers because they needed the money.  They were going to sell it for 100million dollars an all the environmental agencies and organisations got all up in arms and said you can’t do this as the planet needs this, as they should. I mean we do need some beautiful natural resources, but the Cost Rican government said, We are a poor country that money is going to go a long way for education, roads, infrastructure we need the 100million dollars.


All the agencies decided well lets raise the money, lets see if we can find a way to raise the funds and pay it to the government so that it will never ever be abused and then that land can be kept as pristine land.


Everyone thought that was a great idea.  Only one problem, they needed 100million dollars, now 100million dollars is a lot of money and it took months and months but they started doing research and I’m shortening the story but eventually they approached the world bank and the world bank agreed to pay the 100million dollars to the Costa Rican government and they would buy that land and that land is protected it can not be touched and we now have this beautiful rain forest that that will never be able to be sold because money is good.


Look at the good that money did.  It happened because good people were willing to fight for a cause but the no1 reason that it happened is because 100million dollars changed hands because money is good.


Bill Gates, one of my hero’s what a legend.  He is worth, I don’t know what he is worth,,  Is it 60billion dollars, he is loaded and he has given 31billion dollars to the Melinda GATES foundation and his buddy Warren Buffet was so inspired by him that he gave 31billion dollars, fact Bill gave 30billion dollars and then he gave 31billion dollars to the Melinda Gates Foundation now they have 61billion dollars to make a difference in the world.  And here is one of the things that Bill Gates is doing.


Bill Gates wants to create a condom which makes sex more pleasurable with the condom on then without it….Why?  because of the spread of AIDS…and the spread of infectious diseases and the reason why Aids has become so rampant is because most people do not enjoy using a condom.  Bill has this idea why don’t we create a condom that makes sex more pleasurable with the condom on…I know what you thinking…where can I get that condom?  It is true, Bill Gates wants to create this condom, the only way the can afford to do this is because he is loaded and money has the power to do good things.


Now money has the power to do bad things as well, that is were your consciousness comes in…Money is good!! Mother Theresa took a vow of poverty but her organization didn’t take a vow of poverty and her organization raised millions of millions of dollars to do the work that she did in Calcutta and around the world.  Money is good…. think of the good that money can do.  Money can do amazingly positive good things.


The 3rd prosperity belief that I am going to encourage you to adopt into you mindset and belief system is that opportunities are everywhere.  One of the affirmations on the Creating an Abundance of Money cd is “Opportunities are everywhere”


I believe that there are a staggering number of opportunities for creating money.  Think about this, just to tell you a story.


John Paul Getty, the oil billionaire was at a dinner in the states in the early 70’s and there was a young man sitting at the table with them and he was bemoaning the fact of all the good opportunities that had come and gone and he was saying “AAAAhhhh you know if only I was alive in the 20’s…..I mean that was a great time with the big depression and all the opportunities were there.  Only if I was around at the turn of the century.  He was saying all the good opportunities had come and gone.


John Paul Getty looked at him and said , “Well he says…never ever before in the time of history has there been this much opportunity to make money, through times of rapid change there is rapid opportunity to create wealth and never before has there been more opportunity to create wealth as there is today.

He was saying that in the 70’s and if he thought there was rapid opportunity in the 70’s what would he think of being around in the 2000’s, there are way more opportunities.  Things are changing much faster.


During times of rapid change tremendous opportunities, let me share with you undisputed fact there are children who aren’t even born yet who will one day make millions of millions of dollars in the real estate market.


There are children that will make millions on the stock market.  There are children that will make millions on new inventions, there are children that will start businesses and create an abundance of wealth for them.


Don’t you have a head start, they are not even born yet, so you have an opportunity,  but the key is to open your consciousness and see that opportunities are everywhere.  There are staggering numbers for creating wealth.


The 4th Belief system is that my subconscious mind is my partner is success.


Your greatest tool that can help you produce success is your subconscious mind.


This is why you need to go within and go with your dreams and trust yourself connect with your subconscious and listen to the guidance you are being given.


I wanted to share with you those four prosperity beliefs that will take with you into your subconscious mind and create that as your new belief system and first of all money is good, it is an abundant universe, opportunities are everywhere and your subconscious mind is your partner in success.


Thank you for tuning in. I look forward to being with you next week when we will discuss some key and powerful affirmations in order for your to manifest abundance into your life.


Go well and Don’t forget to be awesome!!

1003, 2017

The Spirit of Money

Hi there welcome to our new Vlog series we had some amazing feed back on our last series “Living with Purpose” and today marks the beginning of our next series and the title is the “Spirit of Money”