The Spirit of Money

//The Spirit of Money

Hi there welcome to our new Vlog series we had some amazing feed back on our last series “Living with Purpose” and today marks the beginning of our next series and the title is the “Spirit of Money”

I believe that everything has an energy vibration and that is the key principle that we speak about in Mind Power.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and vibration.  The walls are energy and vibration, the screen behind me is energy and vibration. The car you are driving is a vibration of energy, the bed you are sleeping in, the home you are living in, everything is energy and vibration.

Money is a vibrational energy it is a frequency, its just a pieced of paper that’s  all it is, but like everything else it carries a spirit it carries a feeling.  And when we speak about money it amazes me the different reactions it brings up in people.  Some people’s reaction is “oh money that filthy stuff” some people love talking about money and I would like to speak to you during this series about your relationship with money.  How do you feel about it?  What is your relationship with money?

Do you want to attract it into your life in abundance?  Now if you want to attract money into your life in abundance you need to have the right frequency you need to develop a relationship with money so that you have “a thing” going on.

You got a relationship with money that you do want to attract it into your life.  So that is what the series will focus on – the spirit of money.

I would like to kick off this series by starting with one of my favorite quotes “Wealth creation is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics”


Let’s cover the 20% of the mechanics,  obviously you have to have the right product or service if you are going to be financially successful.  It is not just about having the right psychology you have to have the right product or service that people want and desire and to help you with the 20%, I would like to share with you something that I learned from a man called Keith Cunnigham, he is speaker form the USA, he is  southerner with quite  along drawl…..I heard him speaking in London, he is very entertaining and he is very successful.  He has many different businesses he is always opening different businesses and he knows how to make money.


Here are his three secrets to help you to be financially successful:

  1. FOWTW :
  2. GAGI;
  3. GITT


What do they stand for:

“Easy peasy japaneassy lemon squeezy”






They Want


Find out what the market place wants, because there is always a gap in the market place and if you can find out what it is that is lacking in the market place then the second step is:








Go and get whatever it is the market place desires, and then step three is:








Find out what they want go and get it and give to them.


That’s the simple thing. Find out what they want go and get it give it to them.


He used an example and said that when he met his lady and the first time he was on a date with her he said to her “What do you want” he took out napkin in the restaurant and started making a note:  what do you want?  To his surprise, she was very clear about she wanted.  He wrote a whole list and he had to call the waiter to get more napkins he was very funny and entertaining speaker.


One of the things she asked for she said that the man that loves her needs to leave her a love note every single night and he went “every night?” She said “every night” he said to her “every single night?’ and she says “ya” that is what I want every single night and then he got his wife to stand up, they have been together for 27 years and he introduced her and he said she has been receiving a love note every single night because that is what she wants and that is why they have such an amazing relationship.  Find out what they want go and get it and give it to them. My partner used to love this little toothbrush thing, it was a special thing that worked as a floss thing, she used it more then I did until eventually I thought to myself I am not even using it so I took it to her and said Find out what they want and go and give it tot hem, she was like “aaaahhhhh” so excited to get it.


So, how can you find out what the market place wants?  What do they want?  Think about it what do you think the market place wants or needs?  The second step is to Go and Get it……and the third step is:


Give it to them……


So that is the 20% mechanics, it is important to have the right tools.  Now what I would like to do is speak to you about the 80% psychology, that is what the rest of the series is about.

But the 80%b psychology is about checking your belief system.    So today I am going to ask you check your belief about money?

There are a few common scarcity beliefs around money.


The first one is that money isn’t spiritual – that is a big one for many of us, I think the reason most people do not attract financial success into their lives is because they believe that money is the root of all evil.  That money is bad.  Lets just examine that.


In the bible, Jesus speaks very highly of King Solomon and who was King Solomon – the richest man on earth.  Bill Gates x 10, he was loaded! And `Jesus spoke very highly of him.  Because even though he was a loaded, successful and rich man, he was also a very good person and he used his money to do good things and coming back to this point that Money is the root of all evil, how can money be evil? It is a piece of paper, what is it going to do…. Attack you, it can’t.  Money isn’t the root of evil, it says the love of money, perhaps to the exclusion of all else.  Now one of the things I would say to you is that if you make money your god then perhaps that could become the root of all evil.  But actually money itself is good.  I believe that money is very powerful and we will discuss that in the next vlog series about and having good belief system about money.  So money isn’t spiritual, I do not believe that is true at all.

The second one which is most likely the most common one : Money can’t buy you happiness:  where does that come from?  Now I know that as I am saying this, some of you are saying “Robin you do not know where to shop”


I know money can by happiness…….I know where to shop, but you know what I think about that stament, as you have probably heard me say before I 100% agree that it is true.  Money can’t buy you happiness but it kind of creates this thing that poverty can.

Like money cant buy you happiness so poverty can so money cant buy you happiness so be broke…NO!


By the way I know rich people who are miserable with all their money but you know what I know poor people that are miserable without it, so the question is “Do you want to be miserable with money or without money….no I am kidding that is a joke, I always do this little joke.


The point is I know rich people who are extremely happy in fact I know lots of rich people, I know lots of rich people and many of them are extremely happy but I also know poor people who have very little and they are extremely happy because money and happiness have got nothing to do with each other, so money can buy you happiness, yes it is true absolutely but at least you can arrive at your problems in style.


You can be happy with or without money, it is a choice.


The third one is that people with money are greedy, well????  Some of them are greedy!  That is true, some people with money are extremely greedy.  But then again so are some poor people.


Some poor people are extremely greedy as well.  So ~I do not think that it is the image that we have of the greedy millionaire, you know Scrooge tried to keep and get all he can, actually I think the opposite is true, I think it is the rich and successful people are generous with their money and use their money to make a difference and add value in the world.  We will speak about that later in the series as well.


But people with money who are greedy that is just a  “belief system” that just doesn’t serve you.  Some rich people are greedy but so are some poor people.  Some rich people are extremely generous and so are some poor people.  So that is another belief system I want you to pluck out of your consciousness.

You do not want to have this image of the greedy millionaire that is keeping it all to himself.


You want to have an image of an abundant millionaire that has lots to give and share with the world.


You’ve got to work to hard for it….now that is a big one.  Lets examine that……..would you agree with me that some of the hardest working people on this planet are poorest paid, absolutely !  I know people who are working two or three jobs just to try and get by.  Then you have people like Tom Cruise who makes two or three movies a year and in one year he made 60million dollars making three movies, he was working so hard.  So Actually it is not true!


It is about working smart!  Not hard and when you become good at your product then you are able to charge a premium because people want what it is that you got to offer, that is why the 20% is important so make it the best you possibly can.  Do you know, I mean if you think of Louis Vuitton, it is just a bag, really it is leather, it’s a bag, its stitched well but why is that it will cost 20 times more then another product?  Because basically it is a brand and so you got to work to hard for it NO it is not true.


You must work smart not hard……and then one of my favorite ones is “Money doesn’t grow on trees”…..


Well lets check this…….what’s money made out of – PAPER!  Where does paper come from?  TREES – they lied, money doesn’t grow on trees , it does, it’s a piece of paper and money literally comes from trees.  When people say there is not enough money, I say look at all the trees, look at all the money there is.


Now I am joking but what you want to do is create an abundance consciousness.  Start seeing the abundance that is around you rather then focusing on then lack.


So our exercise for the week as we come to the end of this Vlog….I am going to ask you to think of what are your scarcity beliefs around money?  Do you believe that you will never have enough money? Please please please do not just listen to this vlog, take two minutes take a piece of paper and pen and write down what are your common scarcity beliefs around money……


What did your parents used to say about money?  Those are the things that are influencing your consciousness around money.


Identify at least three negative beliefs about money then next week we will speak about how do we Shift those belief systems………


Thank you so much for tuning in….I look forward to being with you again next week.


Go well and Don’t forget to be AWESOME!!

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